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OTC Medical

Our brands share some essential pillars: they are of the highest quality and have very high problem-solving capabilities. The goal of our brands is to help consumers with a problem or meet a need in the best way possible.

We choose our products based on quality and problem-solving ability.

Thanks to our partners, our products reach consumers. Through various successful collaborations with retailers, e-tailers, pharmacists and wholesalers, together we can ensure that the products receive attention and are as widely available as possible. Using various media, we ensure that our products are and remain known.

Together with our logistics partners, we ensure that our products make their way to the stores or find their way to consumers through e-commerce channels. With a warehouse including GDP location in-house, we can handle all orders flexibly and smoothly ourselves.


Only the best brands


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Only the highest quality

Only the best brands, for you.

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