EPITACT® designates OTC Medical as distributor

16 January 2024

EPITACT®, a leading brand in Foot Care and Orthopedics

We are very pleased to announce that, effective January 1, 2024, we are taking over distribution of EPITACT®, a leading brand in Foot Care and Orthopedics in the Netherlands. Brand owner, Millet Innovation, has announced OTC Medical as the exclusive distributor in the Netherlands for EPITACT®.

Starting immediately, OTC Medical will work with retail customers to further grow EPITACT®’s high-quality products in the Netherlands. With EPITACT® products, we offer quality products that provide a real solution for consumers.

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René Leeuwenburgh, Director of OTC Medical:We are proud to add a new premium brand to our already existing portfolio of brands providing solutions to consumer health problems or needs. We believe we can give EPITACT® an even stronger presence in the Netherlands, thanks to our specialization and knowledge of the Dutch market.’

Raúl Buenrostro, International Director of Millet Innovation:‘We are very happy with OTC Medical as our new partner and official distributor in the Netherlands. We share the same vision and growth ambitions. Together we will strengthen EPITACT® brands position in the Netherlands.

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